#MicroblogMondays: stacks

Unfortunately the German books haven’t been translated, I think. Also note that “stillen” means breastfeeding and has nothing to do with stillbirth.

I wanted these because stars, you know. And because everyone raves about them. H was deeply sceptic about the need for burp cloths at all (he doesn’t have much experience with babies apart from holding one occasionally) but finally decided that Product RED is a good thing. So were both happy.

Part of Mel’s MicroblogMonday movement.

11 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: stacks

  1. i like the idea of the MicroblogMonday.
    And i really like these blankets. We had a couple similar to that for Paul and they were amazing. So soft and perfect to swaddle really tight. And i appreciated knowing they are really safe as babies can still breath if the blanket gets over their face…

  2. AH HA! I have been wondering where your homeland is, and now I have a CLUE. There are many things you will NOT need, but burp cloths is not on that list. I made beautiful ones but always ended up grabbing the absorbent ones, like the ones you got. Wise choice. And how utterly wonderful to be talking about such things with you, after all the heartache and all the years.

  3. I thought we had received way too many burp cloths. I was wrong! If you have a baby with reflux at all, you will need a million. okay, I exaggerate. But not really….

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