cover girl, part I

I didn’t quite know what to give my godchild for Christmas. I was planning to get the book with the turtle with my firstborn’s name for myself, and decided she’d get one, too. It is a good book after all, and I don’t think she is too old for it.
Given my lack of energy beyond basic functioning, I didn’t have it yet a few days before Christmas. Thinking I’d try my luck, I went into a local bookstore and asked if they had it available. The nice shop assistant led me to a table with selected children’s books and gave me the paperback version, featuring the cover I knew from childhood. As I had wanted the hardcover copy, I looked back to the table. There was a stack next to it, very different in design. I wouldn’t have recognized it. “This new design is so beautiful”, the lady at checkout commented, “with C on the front”.