just when you thought things were going so well…

… your husband gets heart flutters, almost blacks out and needs to go to the ER, and there is a huge fire far too close to home. Luckily the apartment is ok (I had to go back early for my PIO shot). H’s assessment is that things look good now, but they want long-term measurements to make sure nothing is hiding and coming up sporadically.

It also happens to be the 5 month anniversary of the birth and death of A & C.

I hope that Strawberry Baby is doing well, unaffected by all of this. And I hope that tomorrow will be better.

overdue (but not the way you think)

See, I couldn’t put this title without a clarification — according to FemCal my period is due today, but given how much my luteal phase length varies depending on vitamin B6 (on), progesterone (off) and perhaps other factors, that doesn’t mean particularly much. No, the thing I’m waiting for is an answer regarding money I’ve applied for, work-wise. The estimated date for getting back to us isn’t really long ago, so it might not mean anything that I haven’t heard from them… but I’m kind of hopeful, nevertheless (and scared that blogging about it will jinx my chances) — see, it’s just like with the bloody period.

I haven’t been around much, and it likely won’t change for a while, as we’ll be moving soon. Lots and lots (and lots) of stuff to do, I kind of don’t know how my head is supposed to handle it all. While sorting through my clothes I found a cardigan… a maternity cardigan. Bought in blissful times when I though I’d be glowing and happy. Years and years ago, when I was still on the pill and far from married. I had forgotten about it. And, maybe, forgotten about the carefree girl I once was.

I decided to keep it, just in case.