overdue (but not the way you think)

See, I couldn’t put this title without a clarification — according to FemCal my period is due today, but given how much my luteal phase length varies depending on vitamin B6 (on), progesterone (off) and perhaps other factors, that doesn’t mean particularly much. No, the thing I’m waiting for is an answer regarding money I’ve applied for, work-wise. The estimated date for getting back to us isn’t really long ago, so it might not mean anything that I haven’t heard from them… but I’m kind of hopeful, nevertheless (and scared that blogging about it will jinx my chances) — see, it’s just like with the bloody period.

I haven’t been around much, and it likely won’t change for a while, as we’ll be moving soon. Lots and lots (and lots) of stuff to do, I kind of don’t know how my head is supposed to handle it all. While sorting through my clothes I found a cardigan… a maternity cardigan. Bought in blissful times when I though I’d be glowing and happy. Years and years ago, when I was still on the pill and far from married. I had forgotten about it. And, maybe, forgotten about the carefree girl I once was.

I decided to keep it, just in case.

luteal phase defect

My last luteal phase was again only 9 days long. I noted this issue when I first began charting. My ob/gyn gave me progesterone suppositories, but based on this article I also started to take vitamin B6, also because I had read elsewhere that a sign of vit B6 deficiency is that you cannot remember your dreams. (As a scientist, the lack of properly controlled studies and solid data in much of the medical world drives me nuts. But that’s a topic for another day.) Well, I could hardly remember any dream in the morning, so I went shopping and finally found a pharmacy that had a supplement with 50mg+ pills. It didn’t affect my preovulatory phase in the first cycle (luteal phase was long, but with progesterone support). The next cycle, ovulation was on CD11, quite a change from around 20 before, but the eggwhite cervical fluid only appeared afterwards… probably my body was rather confused. I stopped taking B6 sometime thereafter because of oddly tingling feet (possible side effect of high doses, cf. Wikipedia, improved soon after I stopped taking it).

Whether because of the vitamins or not, both my pre-ovulatory and post-ovulatory phases have varied by several days in each cycle. Which made timing sex for conception rather difficult — the “usual” 3-5 day window doesn’t seem to work for us, obviously …

Now as I’m back to the short luteal phase, I have started supplementing again, but much lower doses (20mg). Let’s see if this works.