Thanks for all your opinions on the coffee. I’m glad I’m not the only one that wants to enjoy such a kind of treat every now and then (which may or may not be every afternoon — though I can go for days without, provided that I sleep enough), even if it’s not what the it-can-all-happen-naturally experts recommend and when the scientific data is unclear at best.
On Tuesday I went back for another u/s. The follicle was still there, but “ready to burst”, as my doc said. Lining looking good, EWCM** at the cervix. And that it was a good day to make a baby. Well, if that’s not a motivation ;) My temps even obliged and rose (somewhat) the next day, and strongly another day later, actually higher than I’ve ever seen them before. So at least we should have good chances (assuming there are no other issues like blocked tubes or what-not). Of course I’m now getting scared that high hopes will lead to a deeper fall… but I can’t help it.
The next week will include a big event, one I’ve been working towards for four years, which should keep me distracted for much of the 2ww. Not enough not to obsess about possible sore breasts* or other symptoms, probably.

* In one of my first charted cycles I had really, really sore breasts from about 5 or 6dpo on. Sore as in cannot-walk-down-the-stairs-without-hurting-sore. And got hopeful. But then LPD kicked in and that was that…
My hope is that I was/would have been pregnant that cycle (timing was really good) meaning that we can get pregnant ourselves… a girl can hope, right?

** ETA: what I found interesting is that the follicle was still there, though I was feeling “dry” already — I have EWCM for days after ovulation (or, more accurately, after my temps rise), so it’s not a very good indicator whether I have ovulated already or not, and with the dryness I actually had assumed that the egg might be gone already.