there probably is an app for that

Thanks all for your kind comments. You ladies are lovely, and I’m not sure what I would do without you. I’ll also write a follow-up on the inversions soonish (whatever that means around these parts at the moment).

It is CD1 again (and as we only had sex a whole week before ovulation, I’m trying not to be too disappointed, although there probably is someone out there getting pregnant from sex loong before O without even trying… anyway), and I’m thinking of using an (iPhone/iPod) app instead of the paper version of charting. Any suggestions? Experiences?

radio noise

All in all, we had a good weekend. With two dinners with friends — and drinks, because, on CD1 and CD2, why not? My strange CD-1 pain was almost absent, but CD1 was rather bad, with burning pain inside my buttocks for a couple of hours. Weird, my dear body, isn’t it? Today I went for the MRI, and last week H did another SA, so we should be getting some results this week. I hope that they’ll be good or, at least, not too bad.


Sigh. What more can I say? It’s one of those days where you want a facebook filter to remove all the happy pregnancy and baby-related posts (although in my case they are actually not that many — yet).
I’m a bit sad as I thought our chances looked good on paper this time around. H is down too (and facing other, fertility-unrelated challenges at the moment, which doesn’t help). I’ll contact my doc and see what she says about immunological tests and monitoring.