2ww (at least it seems to be long enough this time)

12dpo. I have stopped the progesterone, this should be enough time. Given that I have no symptoms (except some kind of evening nausea that I get from said progesterone), I’m not particularly hopeful any more. In fact, I went out for drinks yesterday…
The week was exhausting, work-wise, and I’m looking forward to getting some rest, and hopefully some sunshine. If (see, some hope left!) CD1 arrives, I plan to visit my ob/gyn next cycle, for monitoring and to ask for some more tests, mainly for possible immunological issues that have been associated with endometriosis. I very much hope that it hasn’t returned, given the exam results and lack of symptoms, but figure that it cannot hurt to test for these things. After all, I am ovulating regularly, H’s sperm is not amazing but should give us a chance, and yet we haven’t seen so much as a faint second line. Maybe there are implantation issues? Or maybe my doctor has different ideas of what to test for, let’s see.