radio silence

Thanks for checking in — it’s lovely that you guys (ok, girls) care about me so much! Sorry for vanishing without a word — my computer decided that it was a good time to break down, even though I did not take it anywhere near the big magnets. Thus, no updates. Also, I’ve been busy like crazy, and we’ll have a bunch of guests next weekend (which I’m very much looking forward to, but also slightly stressed about), so that I don’t know how much time I’ll have for blogging until after that.

So, the executive summary of the news:

  • I was tested for gluten-sensitivity related antibodies, as this is often found in endometriosis patients. Negative. Any idea how much this means, in the sense that my symptoms could still improve if I cut out wheat?
  • The MRI is unclear. Lovely. Well, I guess it could be worse and have shown huge problems, so I’m trying to look at the bright side… My doc wants to talk to the MRI specialist again to make sure they look at the right places, so there might be an update lateron.
  • The SA was worse, unfortunately. 5% morphology (usual threshold 12-15%), plus motility problems. As far as I remember, last time they only told us about motility problems, so that would be another blow.

I’m not sure how we’ll move on from here. Since my endo surgery years ago we had always assumed I’d be the one with the problems, but now it seems to be both of us (ok, technically we don’t even know if my endo is interfering with my fertility, but it’s quite possible, and the pain is enough of a problem as far as I’m concerned). I’ll schedule an appointment with my doctor and my husband, so that the three of us can sit down together and try to sort this out.
Somehow I had hoped that the SA would bring us good news. H was disappointed as well, though he’s trying not to show it much, and he’s so stressed with work-related things (which cannot be good for his swimmers, but we’re going in circles on that one) that the denial phase works well.

10 thoughts on “radio silence

  1. hey there – did you get tested for the gluten sensitivity with blood work, or did they do a more invasive procedure to test for it? i don’t think the blood tests are very accurate, so just an fyi. this is supposed to be something very hard to diagnose, which is a big pain in the butt. re: morphology. we have this issue and it’s sooo subjective. the most subjective part of the SA. have heard of loads of ppl still getting pregnant with low morphology, so don’t lose hope please. i hope you get some good answers and a nice action plan in place during your appt with the doc. thinking of you :o) xoxo.

  2. Oh dear. Sorry to hear about the lack of good news.
    Hoping your doctor will have some cards up his sleeve – I am sure he will –
    and you have a really good time with your visitors, too.

  3. Glad to know you’re still out there. Sorry to hear about the SA. DH’s SA’s keep getting worst too so I feel like now is the time to do it. Keep us posted and enjoy your company, a nice distraction I’m sure.

  4. Sending you hugs. It never gets easier to hear bad news. And when problems that you werent expecting rise up, it’s allt hat much harder to process. I hope you get to form a plan together soon. Thinking of you. :)

  5. As you know, we are in exactly the same situation. We thought the issue was all me and it was very hard to hear that it might be both of us. Putting it frankly, we thought, “Well, at least Mr. Delinquent’s sperm is good!” It felt like that was something that worked in our favor, so when it didn’t…well, it’s just so very frustrating.

    I didn’t even know that results from an MRI could be unclear:( Great. And as far as the gluten intolerance, I have often wondered this. It seems that some think that there are people who DO suffer with an intolerance to this, others who think that if there are no antibodies there are no problems. Yet more grey (in a vast sea of it).

  6. Sorry to hear about the bad SA news. We’re dealing with a similar situation–we always assumed I was the one with the problem, and now it looks like it’s both of us.

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