surprise surgery

Our trouble conceiving wasn’t entirely unexpected — I had surgery for endometriosis a few years ago. I call it “surprise surgery” because, until the day before, I didn’t even know I had endo. Not for lack of symptoms, but my doctor at the time didn’t take them seriously. About two weeks before the surgery, I had searched the web and found out about the endo team at the local (and very good) hospital, so I signed for an appointment, as this sounded awfully like the symptoms I experienced monthly. Alas, that became my post-surgery follow-up.
With rather heavy bleeding at around CD10, I went to the ER, and after some poking around, they told me that they saw lots of endometriotic tissue — and offered me to do surgery the next day, as they would have all necessary experts available. I was kind of scared by all these news — after my search two weeks prior I had at least heard of this diseases, but didn’t know much. Nevertheless I agreed to the surgery, which ended up taking more than 2x longer than they thought, but, most importantly, it was successful. Menopause-inducing drugs* for 6 months, and then “normal” birth control pills, the kind you take every day (progesterone-only based). And — knock on wood — I’ve been fine since. But the hospital recommended us to come back if, once off the pill and after 6 months of trying, we didn’t get pregnant. Well… I don’t know how many patients they have that get this lucky, but we’re not among them. Also, we don’t live there anymore, but went for a visit a couple of months ago when we were in the area. Fortunately they didn’t see any sign of endo. Unfortunately, they did see a number of other potential problems, on both sides.

* I think that would be Lupron here

4 thoughts on “surprise surgery

  1. Hi there – thanks so much for your message on my blog. Incredible that your doc wouldn’t listen to you, especially as it sounds like you were able to figure out much better what was going on. I’m glad they didn’t see a recurrence and hope that whatever they saw, it wasn’t hugely problematic?

    By the way, have you ever tried OTC Progesterone cream for your luteal phase? My acupuncturist suggested it and though I was skeptical it does seem to work!

  2. Thanks Adele! I have tried progesterone suppositories (which worked fine), but stopped taking them when my LP got longer (which may or may not have been down to the vitamins). But, as it’s back to short, I’ll start using the suppositories again. My temps this time round have been quite erratic, so I think I’ve ovulated already, but I’m not sure…

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