no surprises

It was negative again. :(
I should have taken the result from last week and moved on.
Why that didn’t happen, you may ask? Well, I told H about it, and he was like, “Where did you buy that test” (ebay) ” — and you trust it?!” (well, yes…) and he convinced me to keep up the progesterone. (I probably wasn’t too hard to convince.)

Why I don’t bleed through the progesterone, no idea. Maybe the dose is too high for me? Maybe my body just reacts in a weird way? I’ll ask my doc. But, as I realized yesterday, my stock of cheapies is “best before” the end of the year. So I can use them up by testing at the end of each 2ww without regrets.

Next week I’m off to a conference, and I’ll have all the coffee I need (how does anyone get through a week-long conference without coffee?) and all the alcohol I like. Which usually isn’t much as I get hungover much too easily. But I’ll enjoy it and forget about tcc for a little while. And then back to the doc, to see what she says, if we do more tests and what kind. (Don’t you see me forgetting about tcc already?)


Thanks for all your crossed fingers! Unfortunately, it seems this wasn’t my cycle. The test was negative this morning, and as it’s 14dpo and I don’t have any strong symptoms to speak of, I guess it’s correct. Sigh.

This morning I dreamed I was peeing on a stick (a very fancy one, actually), and it was negative. When I woke up, I was first all confused of whether that had been real or not… sadly enough, the result on the internet cheapie was the same. Sometime last week, I dreamed I was bleeding/spotting. For some reason, I told H about it — and he said he had dreamed that I was bleeding, too. That was weird. He’s also previously dreamed that I was pregnant, but so far that part didn’t come true…