An unexpected turn of events

Or perhaps not that unexpected – my doctor was worrying about this all along. My blood pressure has always been a bit high in their office, but as long as it was fine at home I blamed that on anxiety. However, now it’s creeping up even at home…
It would seem a bit ironic for my cervix to hold up marvelously but have other parts of my baby’s support system waver. I hope we can hang in there a little longer, but in the end Strawberry Baby’s well-being is the most important.
Stay tuned. Maybe at least I’ll get back to blogging more regularly.

34 thoughts on “An unexpected turn of events

  1. One never wants anything unexpected during a rainbow pregnancy. Has your BP just creeped up slightly or a lot. I had some higher readings (for me) 2 weeks ago, but now they seem to down. I think maybe I wasn’t hydrated enough. Also, I would imagine that as you get farther along and closer to delivery, your anxiety at home would increase (at least mine has). Glad the docs are keeping a good eye on you and Strawberry Baby.

      1. Glad it’s only slightly, and I will cross my fingers that it goes down like mine did. Maybe it’s time to research prenatal massage to help keep you relaxed and calm???

        She’s still cooking. 36w on Wednesday.

  2. Oh man, that’s annoying. I’m glad you are WAY past the 24 week. Hopefully things can stay calm a few more weeks. My friend Becky I told you about has “white coat syndrome” and has had high blood pressure at Dr. and low at home. She checks it daily and it’s always in the back of my head. You are getting SO close to the finish line!! I know it doesn’t help but my MFM told me anything over 32 weeks is considered like a full term baby just a little Nicu stay which isn’t ideal at all BUT way better than super super early. But one more month of baking is best for everyone :) <3 to you!!!

  3. Oh no! I hope it’s just a fluke, but I’m so very glad that your doctor is paying close attention and hasn’t let anything slip through the cracks with Strawberry baby!

  4. Sending you good lower pressure vibes. I hope everything goes back to normal for you.

    I had an issue with my pressure rising at the end of my pregnancy and was able to get it to lower significantly with a cocktail of light interventions (i am unsure what was the key to getting the pressure to go down as i did all of it at once) : acupuncture treatments, cutting meat and dairy out of my diet (almost completely), cayenne capsules and eating a bunch of cucumber and garlic. Maybe some of these interventions could help you…

  5. Boo! If it’s not one thing, it’s another… it’s never easy! Hoping for a better report soon and a few more weeks for strawberry baby, but thankful she’s healthy and this is happening now rather than 6 weeks ago! Hang in there!

  6. So close now! I’m glad that they’re keeping a close eye on ALL parts of Strawberry Baby’s support system, which means that they’re keeping a close eye on mama too. Here’s hoping you can both hold out for a few more weeks.

  7. Oh, crap. I was hoping you could avoid any further complications. I think you’ve paid your dues to the gods of complications already.
    The good news is that blood pressure can be controlled with a beta blocker. Not that it’s really all that reassuring to have to take a medication when pregnant. But, it is, as far as science goes at the moment, safe. Although, I like one of your reader’s home-made remedies. Sending good thoughts your way.

    1. Yeah, I also thought I had paid my dues to the gods of complication… I think overall I’m more worried about preeclampsia than high blood pressure alone, because the former cannot really be controlled. Fortunately things are stable for now, and I hope they’ll stay there for a while.

  8. Aaaaaaaack. Seriously, couldn’t everything just go smoothly for, say, seven more weeks? I hope that, however the baby arrives, she is healthy (or at least will be once she’s done cooking, either inside or at the hospital), you are okay, and it doesn’t drive you too nuts.

  9. Okay, well, hopefully it’s just white coat syndrome. I always had higher bp when going to the OB because I was so anxious and worried about the babies. But then it did turn into preeclampsia at the end unfortunately. I hope that yours stays down at the mildly high level! If not, my babies were born at 33w2d and are both healthy as can be and had a relatively short NICU stay. I’m praying for you to have several more weeks keeping that Strawberry Baby on the inside! Looking forward to the next update!

    1. Amber – that’s interesting, I didn’t know you had higher occasional readings before you developed preeclampsia. Makes me wonder if there is a higher risk for those of us who’s blood pressure has “stage fright”, as my brother put it. It is so reassuring to see that your twins are doing so well – we’re almost at 33w2d, and I’m glad for every extra day and week we get!

  10. Just wanted to say that I’m here, thinking of you (but unable to say so very often). This is scary. It’s so close to the end and yet so terribly far for an anxious mama. I hope it was just a blip…

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