evening primrose oil – advice?

The title says it all, I think. Have you used it? Specific recommendations on dosage, when to take it — according to this article only in the follicular phase, as it may induce cramping — or any other helpful advice? (Brands likely won’t help much unless you live in Old Europe.)
I’ve read that it can help both with endometriosis (fatty acids making cell membranes smoother, relieving adhesions etc.), and with getting pregnant — and, if you believe the pages that sell it, it’s amazing for all aspects of health anyway. I asked my doctor about it and she said that it won’t hurt, and that fatty acids are important (and some missing from the local diet, apparently) so I’ll try. If I get better (or pregnant!), great. Regarding my odd pain we’ll do an MRI during my next period and see what that shows. Of course the problem is that it may show nothing and there could still be endo… but she wasn’t very keen on jumping to a lap right away, and I do understand the “the less invasive the better” point of view, particularly when we’re not sure what we’re dealing with. She also did an u/s and I had already ovulated, and my lining was transforming in the way it should. I think that our timing was not bad this month, but honestly, after all the other months with ok-to-good timing, I don’t have a lot of hope that I’ll get pregnant this time. H should repeat his SA soonish, and then perhaps we’ll know a bit more, namely, if we should really worry about his side as well or if the last one was a fluke / badly timed.

6 thoughts on “evening primrose oil – advice?

  1. I took it before, back when I was TTC naturally. I have little to no EWCM before I started taking it, and I started one month with 1,000 mg each day before ovulation, didn’t notice a difference, increased it to 2,000 mg each day the next month, didn’t notice anything, and then finally increased it to 3,000 mg each day. I don’t know if it was because of the increased dose, or because it may take awhile to build up, but I finally got results the 3rd month and beyond. And it greatly increased my EWCM. I went from noticing a very small amount on one day, to noticing quite a bit for about 3 days each month. So it seemed to be effective. Granted, I didn’t get pregnant any of those months… When I went in to my RE and started medicated cycles, I asked my RE about it and he said to stop taking it because it messes with your estrogen levels (makes sense – that’s what creates the EWCM) and he didn’t want to mix medications. Hope this helps – and I really hope the EPO helps you! I know there’s lots of people out there that swear by it!

  2. I must admit that I didn’t realize you’re supposed to stop taking it in the LP (or that it can mess with your cycle because of the estrogen)! That’s very good to know. I think, generally, it’s considered very healthy in an essential fatty acid kind of way, and I think it helps combat inflammation (among other things) which is always good when TTC.

    (It’s hard to have hope, but I’ll be hopeful for you this month!)

  3. I got nothing. But heck, as long as it’s safe, why not? I hope the MRI is conclusive. It’s awful not really knowing which of the many variables is (are) at fault.

  4. I did 3,000 mg per day, but often I would forget the midday dose, so it was more often than not 2,000 mg. I also used to not notice much EWCM, but after taking the EPO for several months I really noticed a difference. There were one or two days where I would have very copious amounts of it, which never seemed to happen when we first started trying to conceive. And yes, I would only take it from day 1 to ovulation. I used a few different brands, but mostly Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

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