off coffee, on progesterone

I haven’t had any for over a week now. Not that I expect this will get me pregnant, but just to be sure, just to have tried it. Even though I asked my doc about this very issue, and she said “as long as you’re not having 200 per day” …
I miss it. Not even so much the caffeine itself — I’m actually fine if I sleep enough, assuming work doesn’t get terribly busy, plus I still have 1-2 cups of green tea in the morning — but just this time that I set aside for myself. Just me, my coffee, maybe something to read or the sunshine to enjoy. Because sometimes it is the small things in life that can make me happy. And I don’t like cutting them out. Well, 5 days to go, then I can test and if it’s negative I’ll get myself a big nice latte.

BTW, any thoughts about decaf? I tend to say that I want “real coffee or no coffee” but maybe I could cheat and get some caffeine-free-me-time? Or is there anything bad in that, too?

In other news, (a) my skin looks horrible (it always does that on progesterone, but this time around it’s particularly bad, even H commented on it — just what I needed), (b) EPO is very expensive here, I’ll probably order it from back home and (c) there have been more pregnancy and birth announcements. Whereas my friend, the one who finally got pregnant after a long time trying? Is on bedrest after an episode of bleeding, and ongoing contractions. And she hasn’t even reached viability yet. I’m so sorry for her. I’m thinking of making her a baby blanket, hoping very much that she’ll need it — soon, but not too soon.


12 thoughts on “off coffee, on progesterone

  1. I’ve heard that the chemicals or process used to make the coffee “decaf” is no good, but I’ve never really looked into it since I’m not a coffee drinker. I do love tea, though, and love the ritual of making tea and waiting for it to steep with the saucer covering it, sipping it while I check blogs in the morning, and having some at night to help me relax.
    Sorry about the progesterone side effects :(. You know what’s weird is that every side effect I’ve heard people have I pretty much had the exact opposite of on nat’l prog. cream – I slept better, face was clear, more energy, better moods.
    I’m sorry for your friend – sending wishes for the health of her baby!

  2. I am really so sorry to hear abou your friend, I am sending good vibes for her. I also used to love my coffee time in the morning, I just subbed with green tea. Progesterone side effects, oh how I detest thee.

  3. Yikes, I’m sorry to hear about your friend. That’s some scary stuff. I really hope things go okay.

    I switched to decaf because I couldn’t give up the morning routine, so I totally relate. I still find it comforting, though my husband finds it annoying to have to make a regular (for him) and a decaf latte every morning. I say give it a shot, and let’s just ignore what Sarah says about possible bad stuff involed in the process.

  4. I’m not a coffee drinker but ugh…what I wouldn’t do for a Mountain Dew!!! Sorry about your friend, definitely sending her positive thoughts.

  5. I have switched to decaf during the 2ww. It still “wakes me up” even though the caffeine is minimal – I think it’s psychological… I, too, enjoy just a couple of minutes of alone time in the morning with my coffee and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice that (well, any more that switching to decaf, I mean). On occasion I’ll go with hot chocolate instead (Cola-cao) and that is both a treat and a great substitute…

    I hope you don’t get your latte!!

  6. This no coffee business is truly an abomination. My TCM doctor wants me off of it, so I’ve (temporarily) stopped drinking it. I’m also drinking green tea, but sometimes, like this morning, I have some black tea.

    I’m sorry the progesterone is doing such a number on you. I hope it leads to a BFP though. Wishing you well conceptionland.

  7. I’m not a coffee drinker but would kill for my black tea:) Giving it up is very, very difficult…and, like you, if the caffeine has been taken out, well, I fail to see the point of it.

    That said, here’s hoping that there will be no lattes in your immediate future.

  8. I have read that decaf coffee is pretty bad also but I can’t recall exactly why (sorry, so unhelpful!).
    And yeah, I understand why you’d want to hold onto your coffee time as it is a time for you to sit and relax and just ‘be’.
    Crossing my everything that you get good news when you start testing!! x

  9. Mmm, coffee…Regarding decaf, it’s true that the chemical processes are not so good for you, but a lot of higher-end roasters use a water process to decaffeinate the beans, which is totally “clean” chemically speaking. Just look for “water process” decaf.

  10. I drink a little decaf, just one cup a day, and it does the trick for me!

    I’m so sorry about your friend – I really hope this bed rest is exactly what she needs for everything to be ok!

  11. I don’t know anything about decaf coffee since I don’t drink it, but I do drink soda. In the 2ww I get rid of all diet soda, but I will drink a tiny bit of real soda that has real sugar in it and not sweeteners when I crave it. Good luck and I hope your friend hangs in there.

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