time to celebrate

The Nobel prize for the inventor of IVF!

Apart from the recognition that this development has touched the lives of millions of people, I am hoping that it can bring a bit of light into the public perception of IF and IVF. To recognize IF as a disease that can strike anyone, that is not our fault (and it’s no use telling us to “just relax”), that there’s no reason to be ashamed. And — when you happily announce yet another pregnancy — please be gentle on us.

I’ve even written a post about this on my real-name blog — not explicitly saying that we’ve been trying to conceive and might need IVF, as I’m not quite ready to be this open with everyone and IVF considerations are several steps and doctor’s appointments away anyway, but at least to raise awareness. Let’s see what happens.

7 thoughts on “time to celebrate

  1. i heard about this this morning and it pleased me ever so much!! i was at a wedding last night and at least 10 ppl asked me if were going to have kids yet. i just said “we’ve been trying” and then the majority of those ppl followed up with “are you having trouble?” (NOSY!!). to which i said “kinda” and then each launched into a story of at least 2 ppl they knew who did ivf and got pregnant. kinda made me feel better, but every time dh joined in on the convo, he missed the whole beginning and would just hear the other person talking about ivf. he was like “HOW MANY PPL did you TELL??”. um, none!!! i was very vague about it, but ppl just kept going on and on … was strange.

  2. Yeah I saw it too, cool huh! Then there was another article later from saying how the catholic church thought the decision to make the award was wrong. Sheesh.

  3. It’s amazing what science can do. As much as I bemoan what it doesn’t know, it’s still enabled many, many women to have children who would not ordinarily have done so. Glad to be living in this day and age.

  4. This award was so deserved wasn’t it!! I think the whole IF blogging community just nodded their heads along in appreciation. Although I agree with Adele, there is still so much learning to be done and so many questions we don’t yet have answers for.

  5. Andie — yes, I saw one of those, too. Not surprising, but sad anyway. I’m kind of waiting for the first pope that was conceived using ART ;)

    Adele and Egghunt — of course there remains much to be discovered, I think everyone with unexplained issues would agree. (Mind you, if my endo is back, that would be another case where no-one really knows how and why it interferes with fertility, and why it happens in the first place…) But if they got this to work, even if only for some people, it can give us hope.

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