#MicroblogMondays: and now for something completely different

Emerging from the black hole that is called “house hunting” – not successful yet, but we are narrowing down the choices. I didn’t realize this endeavor would be as all-encompassing as infertility treatments… We’ve had too many Sundays now filled with open houses, which are not too interesting for a toddler (although more often than not there are someone else’s toys in the house, and she loves to explore them).

Completely unrelated: some of my colleagues are running a relay in September, and I’m considering to join. It’s 5k for each team member. I’m not a runner, but SB loves it when I have to run for the train, so I figured I could train with her in the stroller… Any advice on where to start, what to do, what to avoid? I’ll tag Jane, Non Sequitur Chica and Theresa, as I know they are runners, but please all chime in. Our stroller is from Baby Jogger, but not an actual jogger (the City Mini GT). I’m hoping we’ll be fine with just fixing the front wheel, as I’m not planning to buy a jogging stroller (yet ;) I’m also not really in “couch” state as I bike to work and back every day, about 7.5 miles. Still, that doesn’t mean I’m in shape for running (running for the train has me walk rather quickly…)

Bonus unrelated picture:


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14 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: and now for something completely different

  1. I find that running with a baby is more for fun than fitness. You have to be a mom first, which means stopping often to distribute snacks or fix something that’s not making her happy. I didn’t do any practice runs before my first 5K with her, and I think she enjoyed people watching. We did another one a few weeks ago and she seems to enoy races rather than training runs

    1. I think given my fitness level for running, it still qualifies as exercise ;) Though if it was up to SB, we’d stop at every playground, to feed the ducks, etc., so perhaps I need to plan more time for our “runs”.

  2. I’ve been running with Chick a few times, and it is waaaaay different. Remember, you’re pushing the extra weigh of your baby and the stroller, and you don’t have use of your arms which help you propel yourself. Still, I do enjoy it, as does Chick.

    Cycling will have done you a world of good in terms of keeping you in cardiovascular shape. As obvious as it sounds, running uses different muscles– prepare to hurt in new and exciting places! ;)

    As for gear, I too use the City Mini GT for running and haven’t had a problem with it. The ride, as compared to a true jogging stroller, isn’t as smooth for the passenger. But as long as you’re sticking to well-paved streets and sidewalks, it should be fine.

  3. I never ran with Izzy in a stroller because I was too cheap to buy a Bob or something similar. Plus it was my excuse to get some time to myself (or really, human time to myself as I always was running with the dog!). I think that you should totally do the race! Biking will have helped, but you will definitely be using different muscles. You can always start the Couch to 5K app and if you are find that you are able to run longer than the interval tells you to, just jump ahead to one of the later weeks!

    1. I did swimming to get some time to myself when SB was younger and we lived across the street from a great pool – and I loved it! Need to find a way to get back to that (or, specifically, need to find a nearby pool…)
      I did get the app and skipped a few weeks. First I was too cheap, but then, it’s easier having the app tell me what to do when instead of checking the phone all the time for how long it’s been…

  4. There is little more painful in my mind that house hunting or moving. I was talking with a group of women recently who go to open houses FOR THE FUN OF IT. They go to get decorating ideas. I just silently sat there through the conversation because it sounds like my version of hell.

    1. You know, I could theoretically imagine doing it for fun – if you don’t need a home, there’s no pressure. But then, I’d much rather pick a nice coffee shop and a magazine on interior design.

  5. Yes, for fun, I can imagine it! When there’s no pressure to buy, there’s no pain. Window-shopping, except for houses. Not that I do this – I can’t remember the last time I went to an open home. But I have in the past seen it as an exciting time, filled with possibilities. Perhaps I’d feel differently these days!

    The running sounds like fun. 5 k is manageable. And it’s great you can do the training with your child.

    1. Yes, it could be kind of like window shopping… Fortunately we’re not in a rush as we could stay at our current place for another few years, I think it’d be much worse if we had to find something soon – or, conversely, we’d make a decision and not look back, instead of spending Sunday after Sunday looking at more windows/houses. The advantage with looking for fun is that you can stop whenever it stops being fun ;)

  6. Oh, but she’s a kid now, and not a baby anymore! What a sweetie <3

    Good luck with house hunting. It sounds exhausting.

    And the 5km relay sounds like a lot of fun. You probably only need to train minimally for it, seeing as you are already fit. Enjoy!

    1. I’m not sure when it happened, but yes, she is totally a kid now!
      As for the 5k, I think my teammates will be happier if I train a bit ;) but I’m surprised how well it is going.
      The house hunting… sigh. Exhausting, yes. But it’s far from the worst problem one could have. Thanks for the good wishes.

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