2ww (at least it seems to be long enough this time)

12dpo. I have stopped the progesterone, this should be enough time. Given that I have no symptoms (except some kind of evening nausea that I get from said progesterone), I’m not particularly hopeful any more. In fact, I went out for drinks yesterday…
The week was exhausting, work-wise, and I’m looking forward to getting some rest, and hopefully some sunshine. If (see, some hope left!) CD1 arrives, I plan to visit my ob/gyn next cycle, for monitoring and to ask for some more tests, mainly for possible immunological issues that have been associated with endometriosis. I very much hope that it hasn’t returned, given the exam results and lack of symptoms, but figure that it cannot hurt to test for these things. After all, I am ovulating regularly, H’s sperm is not amazing but should give us a chance, and yet we haven’t seen so much as a faint second line. Maybe there are implantation issues? Or maybe my doctor has different ideas of what to test for, let’s see.

3 thoughts on “2ww (at least it seems to be long enough this time)

  1. hey there – progesterone gave me nausea as well. glad ou decided to drink yesterday. i’ve stopped trying to plan my life around when baby gets here, bc so far, that’s all i’ve done and now i have a lot of regrets. yaay for testing on immunological issues. i see that you’ve linked to heather’s october post. very good information there. and better safe than sorry is my motto, so i hope the doctors are with you on this (unlike mine). tgif!! *hugs*

  2. I think it makes a lot of sense to ask for those tests. Why not rule out these things? Getting to the bottom of it all (or, at the very least, getting NEAR the bottom) is very worthwhile and could save a lot of time and heartache later.

    I’m crossing fingers for you this month. It’s not over until it’s over. I’ve gotten a positive in months where I had nary a symptom (and so have a lot of other people, who went on to have healthy pregnancies!).

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