Sigh. What more can I say? It’s one of those days where you want a facebook filter to remove all the happy pregnancy and baby-related posts (although in my case they are actually not that many — yet).
I’m a bit sad as I thought our chances looked good on paper this time around. H is down too (and facing other, fertility-unrelated challenges at the moment, which doesn’t help). I’ll contact my doc and see what she says about immunological tests and monitoring.


7 thoughts on “CD1

  1. sending you *hugs*. we all know that facebook is very very bad, yet none of us seems to be able to stay away. why is that??? i’m boohoo-ing your period. esp on a monday can’t be very fun, but hope your doc is agreeable to all the testing, and that things will look brighter next month :o)

  2. It’s the bleakest day in the entire calendar.I’m sorry you are here again:( And it’s very tough to deal with both your own disappointment and your DH’s. On the one hand it is good that both of you want this so much. But that doesn’t exactly ease the ache of right now.

    Facebook BLOWS.

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