if you can’t stand the heat

Dear 2ww,

you’re more than halfway over. I don’t feel any particular symptoms, but I wanted to remind you that I’ll be travelling a lot next month, including interviews and going out with people that know that I’m normally not against a glass of wine or two…

hinting broadly,
with love,


A bummer despite the probable good timing is that, given the (outside) temperatures around here, I don’t have much hope for H’s sperm, to be honest. Technically we do have air conditioning. Practically though, we have neighbors that smoke a lot. So when get to choose between hot air and cold smoke. Lovely. Heat to kill the sperm or smoke, what’s your pick?

In other news, I’ve been to the doctor and we made tentative plans for the next tests (assuming the 2ww doesn’t listen to my hints above), but I need to think about this some more and I’m really busy with everything else at the moment (which is not bad as it’s rather distracting).