competition for the ‘worst blogger award continues’

An update in bullets, because if anything will happen it’s that.

  • I’m still married. And while I wouldn’t say things are great, exactly, they certainly are better than last year. (Ok, that bar wasn’t too high.)
  • The big change was… not therapy, not tedious discussions on who-does-what… but sunlight. We had a long & dark winter (even for Scandinavian standards, I think) which clearly didn’t help. And then it became April, and the sun came out again, and *poof* everything was better. Now it’s getting gray & dark again and I’m worried. But at least more prepared.
  • Somewhat surprisingly, I finally managed to ship our embryos to Europe. Not to this country, because apparently there’s a law saying they can be at most 5 years old. Which of course nobody bothered to tell me until we had gotten just over that threshold. But my – usually over-regulated – home country seems fine.
  • So I went there to actually meet the doctor now hosting my precious potential babies. Expecting timelines as at my previous clinic, which is, weeks of prep. To my great surprise, he said, “well, then you can come back on Monday, and we can transfer one”. Um, what?! I had to take a moment and think (and try, unsuccessfully, to get my husband on the phone). Ultimately we decided to roll with it. So, dear little embryo who’s currently hopefully thawing and growing to morula, and blast tomorrow, here I come. Heart wide open.

10 thoughts on “competition for the ‘worst blogger award continues’

  1. Always great to hear from you! Glad things are better and hope that they stay that way. Exciting news on what is hopefully a growing little embryo!

  2. Hey, exciting! Fingers crossed and toes too. Were you serendipitously at the right spot in your cycle? Seems odd to just be able to waltz in and transfer an embryo, but that’s awesome!

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