snippets at 18 months

  • SB is completely adorable when she’s just woken up (that is, assuming she’s gotten enough sleep) – big wondrous eyes, curly hair, rosy cheeks, gently exploring the world and all smiles.
  • Over the course of the day she transforms into a mischievous little monkey that climbs onto everything. Especially when we’ve said she shouldn’t.
  • Bedtime is okay when we hit the right spot, before she’s too tired. Otherwise it’s a complete meltdown.
  • She speaks a bit of each language, almost adding words by the day. Today she said “bearbear”, which sounds a lot like our word for strawberry (Erdbeere), while pointing at one on her breakfast plate. I’m trying to keep a notebook with her first words, but am not particularly good at keeping up…
    • Looking through old posts, I have just discovered that I have two posts entitled “L is for Language”. Only slightly embarrassing. Or perhaps proof that my current life is exhausting, and that blogging is squeezed into small margins. (I have a post on this brewing. Since January. Unsurprisingly it didn’t get done yet…)
  • SB is a good traveler and just rolls with the places we go – and delights in the attention she gets. We’ve recently done an 8h train/ferry/car trip and it worked quite well. She thinks all these automatically opening doors in the train are awesome. 
  • She loves buses and trains and excitedly points out each single one – and is disappointed whenever one stops within reach and we’re not boarding. She’ll point and squeal, as if to say, “look, mommy, there’s our train, we need to get on!”
  • She loves books, building blocks and making towers, and drawing, which melts my heart. I had given her wax crayons back in December, secretly hoping that we could draw together. Initially she wasn’t interested much, but in the last weeks she has learned a word that sounds like “drawing” in our language (with a bit of practice) – and then she wants her crayons and some paper. Completely adorable.
  • SHe loves, loves, loves being outdoors. Often she’ll grab her thermosuit and shoes and try to put them on, and head to the door. 
  • She has a boyfriend at daycare. Talk about things I wasn’t ready for. I didn’t quite know what to think when her caregivers first told me about this at a parent meeting a few months ago. But now that I have witnessed the two of them interacting, beaming at one another and basically flirting – it is too cute.

Happy 1.5th birthday, baby. I can’t wait to see what you do next. 


7 thoughts on “snippets at 18 months

  1. The kleinkindraum on German trains is one of the best ways to travel, EVER. So civilized. If you ever have reason to head to Denmark via Germany, see if you can get the train ferry — they drive the entire train onto the ferry, which is amazing. You then get about an hour for the kids to run around at the play areas while the adults sit and drink beer. It’s fantastic.

  2. What a cheerful, adorable little pudding! How is she 18 months already??

    (Also if this is the trip you were thinking of driving the whole way I’m glad you instead had a pleasant train ride etc.)

    1. Yeah, I have no idea where that time went…
      I hope I wasn’t planning to drive this, though I can’t exclude it… we’ve actually sort of done this trip by car, but with a short beach vacation as a detour, in a location that would be hard to reach by public transport. The train ride was definitely better though!

  3. Oh, but she completely and utterly adorable. I LOVE her! I wish we could hang out and have SB and Gummy pal around. They both love the outdoors, so that would work!
    Glad the travel went well and that she is intrigued by all the trains, buses, etc. It’s a fascinating world we live in, and having children reminds us to not take anything for granted.

    1. Aw, we’d love to hang out with you and Gummy!
      And you’re so right about all the wondrous things around us. I tend to get stressed and forget, at least sometimes, and it’s wonderful to have SB to make me pause and see.

  4. A is the same when right when he wakes up–it melts my heart every time he sees me and smiles his sleepy smile. SB sounds like she’s thriving! What a great update.

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