X is for xylophone 

SB loves music. When she hears a song she likes, she’ll start to dance, which is super adorable.

In this particular case, the fact that you could poke the mallets into holes in the xylophone base to make a face (yes, they have eyes, and there’s a mouth drawn under said holes) was even more interesting.

3 thoughts on “X is for xylophone 

  1. Lovely picture! Does the xylophone sound good too? My kids’ old one sounded like a beer bottle being hit with a wooden spoon. If yes let me know the name as I might attempt to get one

    1. The sound isn’t great, unfortunately… about half of the tunes are okay, the rest is completely off. They do have a good one in her daycare, I can try to find out the name – that one is probably rather expensive though

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