#MicroblogMondays: L is for language

SB has clearly gotten to the stage where she understands so much more than what she can say.

Exhibit A:
Thursday morning. She wants to nurse/snuggle* and not let me go. I gently tell her that mommy needs to get up, and that she can either come to the kitchen with me and have breakfast and play with her toys, or stay in bed for a little longer. SB seems to consider the options briefly, lays back down and closes her eyes.
This was a first, and I wondered whether it was just a coincidence. Friday she chose to get up with me, but again without any complaints.

Exhibit B:
SB eats a snack, requests more, but then proceeds to smear her food across the table. I tell her that she’s a little pig. She promptly starts “grunting” (she can’t really, but it’s the sound she makes instead – every time we see a picture of a pig somewhere). This was the first time she made this sound without seeing a picture of a pig, so she clearly understands the word!

Some of the words (or “words”) SB uses are German, some others are Nordic. So far there’s only a handful that we can actually understand – most communication is handled through pointing and shaking her head and saying no to all the wrong items her parents pick up. But recently SB has made a lot of progress and I feel like she’s on the verge of having a much larger vocabulary. MIL keeps trying to speak Nordic language (which she doesn’t know at all, and which has a really difficult pronunciation) to SB. We have repeatedly mentioned that it’s German she needs more exposure to, not Nordic – she gets that in kindergarten 5 days a week. In a way, this behavior illustrates why I often struggle with MIL: she has good intentions, but her actions aren’t particularly thought through.

* she nurses all night long (or at least sometimes I feel that way), so I’m pretty confident she isn’t hungry for milk

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13 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: L is for language

  1. Exhibit A is so sweet! I am looking forward to being able to communicate more directly with Aimé. I already talk to him that way but i often feel like i’m performing a monologue more than having a conversation…

  2. Adorable! That’s so funny that she grunted like a pig! I’m sure it’s super frustrating for the little ones when parents don’t get their meaning, but when connections are made, so exciting!

  3. It’s so fun watching them start to communicate and understand. We’ve been signing with the Beats from early on, but we found it most useful as they’ve been speaking more.

    May each day bring more moments like these.

  4. Patrick at 20 months likes to be a puppy and pant and lift his hands up like paws. He also likes to pick up our toy direwolf and moo…we keep telling him it’s not a cow and how to growl like a direwolf. I love this age!

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