J is for jeans 

Last week I wore my smallest pair of jeans for the first time in almost 3 years. I bought them on a trip to New York, not too long before we did IVF. Post-transfer I was already too bloated to fit into them. Then I was pregnant (yay!) then grieving and not even bothered by the extra pounds of baby weight. Then pregnant again, and thankfully for longer (yay!!). More baby weight. More not particularly caring about it. 

Yet somehow, over the last months, the combination of still breastfeeding and biking to work has more than offset all the pastries and chocolates that I eat. I’m pleasantly surprised. 


8 thoughts on “J is for jeans 

  1. Ah yes, the breastfeeding diet. Mine calls for many cookies and lots of couch cardio. I love it and will be horrified when it’s over and my metabolism returns to normal.

  2. Nice. It is s good feeling to be able to fit your favourite clothes again. Isn’t it also weird how they can have memories attached to then. I was pretty surprised when I fit back into my jeans; honestly didn’t think it would happen . Although in my case it wasn’t really because of healthy choices. In any case I bought new size 4 skinny jeans lately and the superstitious part of me is hoping this means I’ll get pregnant again.

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