C is for cough

Thanks for your stories and sympathy. Turns out much of the screaming was due to recently having recovered from being sick – she had no other symptoms but was decidedly unhappy with the world. I’m told in kindergarten this lasted the entire week. At home she was fortunately okay from Tuesday on (still a toddler, you know, but not just screaming). 

And now poor SB is sick again, with a rustling breath that would make anyone miserable. Her doctor was on the fence about antibiotics, but given how out of it she is, we decided to go for them. We’ve been so spoiled with a super healthy baby for the first year of her life. Since week 2 of kindergarten she’s had a runny nose with very few breaks. But I’ve never seen her as affected by any bug as today. Hoping that this is just a crash course for her immune system and that she’ll feel better soon. 

(Then there’s the whole “how am I supposed to get any work done” angst, but – as you can probably see – I was already tired in the morning and will thus leave the issue for another day.)

4 thoughts on “C is for cough

  1. Awww poor SB. I keep hearing that the first two years of daycare are the hardest and then the kids have great immunity. We are in our second winter of daycare and are currently not sick (all 3 of us just got over a cold). A few more months…. :-)

  2. Poor sad muffin!

    If it makes you feel better, Bug (almost 7) and Tatoe (4.5) have yet to be sick enough to miss school this year! (Except pinkeye which doesn’t count.). So there may be some truth to just getting it over with younger.

  3. Awww poor baby! I’m sorry she’s had a rough go of it being sick lately. Hopefully it is true that this just builds her immune system for down the road!

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