D is for deflated 

In an effort to actually get posts out here, as opposed to just writing them in my head, I’m starting an alphabet blogging project. Not in the usual order, as my brain works in its own mysterious way.

I’m still nursing SB after work and at night. Nevertheless it is clear that she drinks much less milk than in the past – my boobs look rather deflated, and I have shrunk out of my nursing bras. Is there much of a point buying new ones now? I don’t have specific plans to stop nursing, in part because it’s convenient and SB and I enjoy it, and in part because she has a strange sort of allergy to milk (she breaks out in hives upon skin contact – fortunately we haven’t noticed any adverse effects effects from actually eating the occasional dairy product) and we’re thus not giving her cow’s milk (upon our family doctor’s* recommendation – reevaluate next year). And that calcium has to come from somewhere. So, unless SB decides she’s done we might be nursing for another while. But given the price range for F-G-cup bras and the fact that, from my limited experience, the nicer a nursing bra looks the harder it is to open the clasps for, you know, actual nursing… I’m just not convinced yet. 

* The medical system here works such that we all have the same family doctor, who then gives out referrals as needed. After all my specialist care in the last years it’s taking a bit getting used to this, but in their defense I have to say that our experiences so far have been pretty good (and thankfully uneventful – ophthalmologist referral as we weren’t sure if SB is cross-eyed. Yes, does next Tuesday work for you? So far they think she doesn’t, but might be farsighted on one eye.)


6 thoughts on “D is for deflated 

  1. Hahaha…So after nursing my babies, I always joke that my boobs look like deflated balloons! It’s so true! So this title made me laugh. But I can totally relate and sympathize.
    Hope SB’s appointment goes well and that her eyes are fine.

  2. I envy you that BF’ing has gone so smoothly for you and SB! I love nursing I just wish it wasn’t so painful for me. I also worry that BG will not tolerate cows milk because I had to cut it out of my diet for awhile. She’s only 8 months so I think I’ll wait a month or two before trying any dairy. XOXO

    1. Yes, I’m sorry it’s been so difficult for you! FWIW, SB never had problems from me eating dairy – it’s just when she tries to eat e.g. yoghurt herself and gets her face and hands covered in the process that we run into trouble. I’m hoping they will both outgrow it.

  3. that’s a great idea: alphabet blog posts. I hear tell it’s quite a deflating experience to have this boob shrinkage. I’m sorry it’s causing such a bra conundrum.

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