On Friday I came back into the room after 45min to find SB content with a book on her caregiver’s lap. It even took a little for her to register that I was back – and let out a few angry squeals, perhaps to remind me that she still doesn’t entirely approve of me leaving. But she’s clearly warmed up to kindergarten over the course of the week, and I’m glad. I think she’ll love all these new interactions (and toys ;) The caregivers have been very kind and supportive and open to suggestions – SB has many adorable stuffed animals but isn’t that attached to any, not enough for it to help in this kind of transition. But this girl loves books. So I brought one of her favorites, and her teacher even read it to her in German! I also pointed out that SB loves food and might warm up / relax if offered a bit to eat. (With her nanny she often wanted a big serving of milk soon after I left, no matter how much we had nursed. I wonder if she wanted to make sure that food was still available despite mommy’s absence – understandable as the two are so intertwined for a breastfed baby.) They told me that kids often refuse to eat in their first kindergarten days, but SB happily accepted food the next day. 

She gets attached easily, my daughter. One morning last week she flirted with a grandma on the train. After about 10 minutes grandma had to get off – and SB almost cried. She’s not shy about her emotions. I hope she can keep this trait even though it doesn’t seem particularly accepted in our society. 


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