#MicroblogMondays: Milestone Monday

Today was SB’s first day in kindergarten! They do a very gentle transition here. This means we both were there for about an hour this morning. We had to commute because we still don’t have furniture in the new apartment (arriving over the next days) and fortunately still have a little overlap with the old one. So once we got there, the other kids were just going outside onto the playground, while one of the teachers stayed with us, letting SB explore the room and explaining how things work to me. When we were supposed to leave, the other kids were just coming back inside. SB promptly followed them back into their room and wanted to join right in.

Shortly after we came home she actually stood all by herself for several seconds. She’s been working on this for a while and often just held onto one of my fingers or even pieces of clothing without putting any weight, but this was the first time that I saw her standing “hands free”.

Later we had to go and buy another lamp. (I am so ready to be done with moving.) SB screeched angrily whenever I didn’t let her climb around in the way she deemed appropriate. Nobody said anything and I didn’t see anyone cast bad looks at me, but I still felt bad, and kind of incompetent, although this probably is the type of “power struggles” we’ll have for a while now. I finally stood up and offered to nurse, which helped a little. On the way back on the train (still climbing but in less precarious positions) she was a delight, interacting with anyone who would return her smiles (which luckily were a lot of our fellow travelers – she gets frustrated if ignored, even by strangers).

All in all, it looks like she is growing into an independent and strong-willed girl.

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