Snippets at 9 months 

Well, she’s 9.5 months now and I still haven’t managed to write the detailed status update that I keep elaborating in my head. So instead here’s some bullets:

  • Food: yes please. Recently she’s been eating noticeably larger amounts. She’ll try just about anything, though what she likes varies from day to day. Bell peppers can be ignored one day and devoured the next. Avocado is her favorite, she jumps up and down in her high chair as soon as I slice one open.   
  • Teeth: two on the bottom, two on the top, two more on the top coming in. They sure help with all that food :)   
  • Nursing: still quite often. Sometimes just because I didn’t notice that she’s hungry for real food… bad mother. With me she doesn’t go to sleep without nursing, though she does with her dad and has also done so with the nanny, so clearly she can. It’s just a comfort she doesn’t want to give up. And it doesn’t bother me enough to actually do anything about it. (And luckily H doesn’t mind either.) Sometimes,when I lay down to nurse her and she suddenly decides she’s not tired at all, she pretends to be a predator, fixates her prey (the boob) and lunges towards it. Slightly weird but also adorable.
  • Sleep: aside from the nursing requirement I’d say quite good. She sleeps with us in the big bed as we haven’t been able to recreate our sidecar arrangement in the temporary apartment. The biggest drawback is that I can’t really let her sleep and be out of reach (e.g. shower) as I worry that she’ll wake up, crawl around and fall off the bed – though she seems quite aware of edges and changes in floor level at this point. I’m not sure how often she wakes up at night as she just crawls to the boob and nurses. During the day, if I get her to nap twice for an hour, or 3-4x for half an hour, that’s good. This girl does not need a lot of sleep. Except sometimes when I let her nap in my lap, boob in reach, and she sleeps for 2-3h with short interruptions for extra milk. Those moments make me wonder if she’d need more sleep…   
  • Mobility: she can crawl quite fast but will only do so to reach something she’s actually interested in. In contrast she seems to enjoy standing up. Maybe it’s the view? Recently she even managed to stand all by herself for a few seconds! She can sit down again, letting herself plop onto soft surfaces like the bed, or lowering gently onto harder floor. She’ll also climb over small barriers or individual steps. I wonder how much longer the pool can contain her…
  • Social: She laughs and giggles that it is a joy. She also gives me big slobbery kisses. Interacting with others is great – she loves being out and about – as long as one of us is in sight, preferably holding her. We have a daycare spot for her from mid-September on, and I’m curious how that will go. She loves the playground but is usually so awestruck by older kids that she barely leaves my arms, except for the swing.    The other day there was a little boy about her age in a coffee shop, and she really enjoyed interacting with him, crawling over to check out his toys etc. I think she’ll love daycare once she’s gotten over the fact that I’m not there, but it also makes me sad to see our Mommy-and-Strawberry days coming to an end. (The fact that I’m still looking for a job doesn’t help either.)
  • Language: she babbles (dadada, lalala, mamama, nanana), often quite enthusiastically. I don’t have the impression that she understands many words yet, or at least isn’t willing to use this knowledge. Even simple requests such as “Give me the spoon” (so that I can give you more avocado) get ignored. Considering that she’s been dealing with two languages this is probably normal. Daycare will add a third language, or rather replace the second, as we don’t speak English at home, though we do with friends and colleagues and probably also the daycare teachers and other parents, at least for a while. It might well take her some time to sort all those languages out – but then she’ll be fluent in all!

7 thoughts on “Snippets at 9 months 

  1. Oh wow!!…what languages do you speak? I think it is fantastic that she will be tri-lingual. They say it is the easiest for kids to learn other languages this way. I am in awe of that…I always wished we spoke more than one language so I could pass that down to my children. But when my great grandparents immigrated here, they said we are in America, we will speak the language. And that was that.
    She is fantastically adorable!!

  2. She is so adorable and it’s great to hear she’s adjusting so completely to her/your new environs…aren’t kids so adaptable?! GW does the wierd/cute boob lunge too – I thought it was just her! I find it hilarious. Our girls sound a lot alike and I’m sure would make great playmates :)

  3. Izzy is still obsessed with avocado at 20+ months old. I love the picture on the swing and that SB is going to have a number of languages- that’s awesome!

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