Child’s play 

It’s easy. You pull yourself up, let go on one side and turn around. You don’t need to hold on with both hands. Actually I’m not sure if you need to hold on at all…

As SB’s gross motor skills develop at rocket speed (2 weeks ago she wasn’t even crawling!) I have been scrambling to child-proof this place. Not particularly successfully – how do you child-proof coffee tables with wheels, other than getting them out of the way?

To be able to continue my luxurious alone activities (from going to the bathroom to cleaning her highchair 4x per day to searching the web for available and affordable apartments) and to not just place her in the crib whenever I need a moment (because I don’t want her to associate it with confinement/”prison”) I asked Google for safe play spaces. There’s some awesome ideas out there – not suitable when you need a solution now in a place that isn’t yours, but I’ll keep them in mind for her new room. In the meantime we’re trying the swimming pool hack:

So far it seems to be working. I think it helps that it’s big enough for us to play in it together. Or nurse. And that you can bump your head against the wall and it doesn’t hurt ;)

If you want to try this at home: be sure to also get a pump. At first it looked like the store didn’t have any… And even with the pump it was quite a workout. 


10 thoughts on “Child’s play 

  1. That is the best baby containment device ever! Also probably harder to climb out of than a crib.

    I always find mobile babies terrifying. They have no sense! They move so fast! They hit their heads on everything!

  2. That is an awesome idea!! I wish I had thought of that when I needed something in our old place. Hooray for hands-free potty breaks😀 It really is the little things, isn’t it?!

  3. Two weeks from not crawling to standing without (much) support?! Wow, that’s freaky (good for Strawberry baby, though). We better baby proof, stat! will keep in mind the inflatable pool.

  4. Lol at the pool. Hey- you do what you gotta do and it looks like it is a good way to contain SB!

  5. That sounds like my daughter. I bet you she’ll be walking in no time! I give it a month and a half, tops. The Summer Infant extendable baby gates are lifesavers!

  6. What a great idea! She looks so pleased to be in her little pool-fort. And wow! She has GROWN. I love seeing her smiling face. She seems like such a happy, healthy, secure baby. Her parents must be doing a lot of things right ;)

  7. THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME. I’m about to go on Amazon and get one too! What a great idea!!! We have the pack n play but it is just not big enough – and a pain in the butt to lean down and grab the baby up. Such cute pictures!!! She is just adorable. Love the strawberry shirt!

  8. That is a hilariously awesome idea! Here they suggest these giant playpen gate things but this is a much better idea.
    You could get a ton of little balls and have your own ball pit :)

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