Last Friday was a special day in this household. Not only was it SB’s 8-months-birthday, but also our 6 year wedding anniversary and our first day in Nordic City. The city hall clerk checked to make sure we had filled out the form correctly, and then congratulated us ;)

As I’ve been trying to write this post for a week, here are just some snippets from SB at 8 months:

  • She’s rolling over and crawling and pulling herself up on anything within reach. I’m happy that she is so active, but also slightly freaked out. It’s not exactly easy to child-proof a temporary apartment that was furnished with business visitors in mind…   
  • Teething. She has the two bottom central incisors, and the upper ones seem to be on their way.   
  • Eating solids, and not just tasting them now, but actually getting calories out of them. Still nursing quite a bit, too. I keep wondering if she’s getting enough solids, especially with our current lifestyle that involves a lot of being out and about. Need to be more consistent about bringing something for her. We may just grab a bite in a coffee shop, but that usually isn’t the food I want her to have… The better approach would probably be to change our habits :o
  • Sleep probably deserves a post on its own. Basically she sleeps well as long as she’s next to me. Which is fine for now (she has enough changes to cope with as it is) but not an ideal long-term situation. 
  • Enjoying the outdoors. I wasn’t planning to take her to a playground yet, but there is one across the street, so we gave it a shot:   
  • Overall she’s a very happy baby and it’s fun to be around her :)

8 thoughts on “Anniversaries 

  1. Aw, such an adorable update! what a little beauty. Looks like she’s having so much fun. I’m glad AJ is not an early crawler as we haven’t done any babyproofing lol.

  2. I love the elephants! We have pictures of the Bean doing that cold cup trick, too. Only with a milkshake and, um, beer. Surely bites at coffee shops fall under the very important educational category of local life? Or something. Glad you are settling in.

    1. Beer bottles, yes. Also metal ointment tubes and, for inexplicable reasons, my wallet. She cries when I take it away from her.
      The coffee shop bites have the extra complication that SB has a strange reaction to dairy products, she gets red and breaks out in hives wherever it touches her. Luckily there don’t seem to be systemic reactions, but it still is a bit scary. Other than that you’re probably right and I should fret less about it ;)

  3. She’s such a cutie. You guys have a lot on your plate right now with the move, I can’t believe you even found time to update! Hope you’re loving the new city.

  4. Adorable as ever, but she’s growing so fast! I’m so curious as to where you landed. I’m partial (through Swedish and Danish ancestors and because of their awesome social policies) to Nordic cities. I hope you’re settling in and everything is going as smoothly as possible.

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