Random bullets of moving (or really eating)

  • Moving is crazy. In case you never had the pleasure. 
  • SB basically slept through the entire transatlantic leg of the flight. I was almost wondering if she was okay. Probably just catching up on sleep after those stressful days though. 
  • Unfortunately she threw up just after takeoff on the (short) euro-domestic leg of the flight. It immediately clarified the difference between spit-up and vomiting. Not that I was terribly keen to find out. Luckily she perked up right again. Perhaps some food disagreed with her stomach. 
  • SB had lots of new foods, and way more than at home. Partly making me wonder if we give her enough. Though after another episode of throwing up yesterday I think we’ll take it easy for a bit. 
  • I’m considering (photo)blogging elsewhere about life in the new city. Because friends and family would like updates, too, but I don’t want to direct them here. And double-blogging is way too much work – see how I struggle with one… If you’re interested in the link, leave a comment or send me an email. 

11 thoughts on “Random bullets of moving (or really eating)

  1. SOunds like you’ve survived the move, but a vomiting baby on an airplane sounds anything but fun. :(
    Wishing you well as you settle in your new home.

    1. Thank you, dear friend. I’d say we have survived half of the move. Now we need to find a long-term apartment, a job for me, good childcare for SB… and our boxes haven’t even left the port of origin. Still, it is a big relief to have this step behind us.
      Hope you’re doing as well as possible.

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