Bureaucracy is for everyone

Even embryos.
Remember that I’ve been trying to take our embryos to Europe with us? Every clinic I’ve contacted so far has told me they can’t receive them. I’m not entirely sure whether EU clinics are generally banned from receiving non-EU embryos (there appears to be a theoretical possibility of an exception, but I haven’t found anyone who has it), or whether it’s the requirement for specific regulations. Either way, it seems way more complicated, beyond the question of whether it is advisable to subject our dear little 8-10 cell embryos to this long trip.
One person went as far as to suggest that it’d be way cheaper to just do a fresh IVF cycle in New Country. Which is probably true. She didn’t seem to understand that we are attached to these babies. That they are the siblings of A&C and SB, and they are, in a sense, already here.
The question of what to do with leftover embryos is much harder than I ever anticipated.


7 thoughts on “Bureaucracy is for everyone

  1. Wow what a mess. It’s not ideal but if you want to use those embryos maybe you take a vacation in the old country when you are ready for a transfer?

  2. That is all so complicated. My inclination is to say leave them where they are, and travel back for them when the time comes that you are ready. It presents other logistical problems that way as well, but at least you are not moving them before they have even had a chance, you know??

  3. Oh man… that’s crazy and hard. I definitely understand the desire to use THOSE embryos. That retrieval was special and those embryos are, as you said, already here. I hate to say it, but maybe a “vacation” is in order to return for a transfer. It’s not the same by any stretch of the imagination, but Sam and I are trying to loop a transfer in with a trip to florida that we have to take in January for a cousin’s wedding. Two for one kind of thing?!? Maybe there’s a sweet vacation spot that you could relax post transfer and enjoy yourself.

  4. I feel the same way about embryos – we have seven left, and I see them as our babies. I cannot just abandon them. Best of luck trying to sort everything out! I hope everything works out for the best.

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