Beach bullets

  • SB did very well on the flight, but – between you and me – flying with a 2-months-old was easier. Back then she just slept and nursed. Now she wants to be entertained!
  • Being on the plane brought up memories from our trip last year. It really is amazing how much can change in such a short time, and how healing it is for us to have SB. 
  • It’s equally amazing (in a very different way) how much of full-time job parenting is. H claims to be exhausted, so the bulk falls on me. In a new environment and on the cusp of mobility, it seems even harder – can I put her down here to do 10 minutes of yoga, or will she fall / hit her head / grab something unsafe?
  • Big smiles and ma-ma-ma sounds make up for all of it with ease :)
  • SB has not exactly been a fan of car rides, sometimes crying for an hour or longer, and making me a bit wary of traveling to such “disconnected” places. The solution seems to be a reagge radio station, a pacifier (otherwise not interesting) and perhaps a bit of practice. 
  • She pays the ocean due respect, holding onto me very tightly. But neither waves nor her own splashing will deter her from exploring. 



5 thoughts on “Beach bullets

  1. So wonderful! I still can’t quite imagine what it will be like to have a mobile baby, but it will certainly be a game changer! Going to the beach with AJ is something I am looking forward to so much. It won’t likely happen for a while yet. I’m glad SB enjoyed it!

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