#MicroblogMondays: musings between boxes

  • Today we unpacked a set of binders bought years ago, to finally file away various papers before putting them into moving boxes. Talk about procrastination.
  • I worry that my poor baby will feel neglected, given how many other things her parents have to do, there’s not all that much playing going on. Realistically, this means she occupies herself on the floor for 5-20min, the complains about being bored or hungry or a wet diaper or having thrown the current favorite toy out of reach. So we come pick her up / change her / find a new toy or just hold her for a while, until she’s ready to play by herself again for a bit. And we do long nursing-cuddle-sessions. So rationally, I suppose it could be worse, but still, I feel bad about it.
  • For a break from all the packing, we’ll take a trip to island-that-will-soon-be-on-the-other-end-of-the-world. Any suggestions for floatation devices for small babies? Of course she won’t be in the water without one of us immediately with her, but I’d still feel better if something helped her stay afloat.

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5 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: musings between boxes

  1. It feels like every small child at the pool uses a life vest.

    At least you have opened the box of said binders. Mine is still on the floor in the storage room and I still need to file the papers. So you’re definitely one up on me :-)

  2. Sounds like you’re doing a fantastic job fostering her independence while respecting her needs. Nothing to feel bad about at all.

  3. babies also need to be left to their own devices so they learn to be with themselves. How great that you can offer SB some time to do that, intermingled with time to meet all her needs.
    Can’t imagine what moving with a baby is like. But you make it sound so do-able. Keep going!

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