Infant in lap, embryos as carry-on

The last few weeks have been really busy, with interviews and job offers and big decisions to make. In the end we decided to go “back” to Europe. The “back” is in quotes as we haven’t actually lived in this country before, yet nevertheless some cultural aspects are probably going to be quite familiar. Plus distances to see our families will be much smaller – they’re all thrilled!
Besides trying to organize an international move and learn a new language, we also need to figure out what do with our frozen embryos. A and C and SB’s potential siblings. My understanding is that New Country’s public health system covers fertility treatments, so it most likely is cheaper (though not necessarily cheap) to send them there than to pay flights and transfer fees here. But – how do I find a good clinic from miles away? Will they accept them even though I’m not a patient yet? Our yearly storage fee here is coming up, so if possible it’d be nice to send them off before that comes up, but of course it’s more important that they will be properly received… if you happen to have any insights on the topic of international embryo shipping, I’d love to hear them.
Given my to-do list, blogging may be sparse – or soar as a means of procrastination. Either way I’m reading along and sending good thoughts when necessary.


7 thoughts on “Infant in lap, embryos as carry-on

  1. I have no experience with international embryo shipping, but wanted to wish you good look and welcome back to the right side of the pond. :)

  2. Wow. Best of luck on your move. My advice (for what it’s worth) is to consider not moving the embryos. What I’ve been told is that, in general, the clinic/lab that created the embryos is the one that’s going to have the best luck at unfreezing/transferring them. Plus, there’s always the risk that something will happen in transit. But, of course, you probably know more about this stuff than I do.

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