Breast- and other feedings

I have a more serious post coming, but look at this chubby baby exploring grown-up food! 

She’s not quite 6 months yet, but I figured if she grabs food she’s probably ready (for tasting anyway – not sure how much she actually swallows). H has been wanting to give SB food for weeks, which I wrote off as boob-envy. I first heard about baby-led weaning (BLW) a couple of months ago, and while the idea of homemade organic mashed fruits and veggies seems appealing in a world where I have more free time, BLW makes much more sense to me. Especially once I learned that “weaning” is British English for “starting solids”, not stopping nursing. 

SB grabbed a slice of bread about two weeks ago and munched on it with gusto. A few days later she put her hand right into a big pile of spaghetti – H could just prevent her from pulling them all off the table, which often appears to be at least as exciting as putting them in her mouth. Last weekend, as a proper California baby, she devoured mashed avocado – it was hard to wrestle my fork out of her hand and trade it for a spoon. And this morning she looked so longingly at my breakfast that I decided to share. Yogurt and rolled oats, and possibly strawberry and/or banana bits. Her face clearly showed that sour is a new taste, and overall she may have been more interested in the silverware than what was on it. 

She still loves milk, though she has become so distractable during the day that she needs to make up for missing meals at night, often with hourly nursing sessions until midnight (fewer after that, lucky me!). In her 8ish hours with the nanny SB has 9-15oz of pumped milk. I can’t quite produce enough by pumping twice at work (could try 3x but then when should I get anything done) so I usually do an extra pumping session first thing in the morning. Now I have more milk than I need and actually thought about donating it – turns out I’m banned for having lived in Europe for too long. It’s simultaneously hard to believe that I’ve been nursing her for almost 6 months already, and that the time of exclusive nursing is probably closer to ending than to starting.

ETA: apparently this was my 200th post. It’s hard to imagine a better 200th post for an infertility blog. 


5 thoughts on “Breast- and other feedings

  1. Watching you eat and grabbing at food to taste is definitely signs that she is ready. C loved oatmeal and mashed fruits when he was learning solids. It’s a new world and kind of FUN!

  2. BLW was the choice for us too. It worked SO WELL. On so many levels it seems. Gummy also became very interested in food before the 6 months mark, so I think we started giving her veggie to munch on before then (5 1/2 months). I feel like we did her a solid by introducing food that way. She quickly became an independent eater, and what’s more, she has retained her wide-ranging pallet.
    Isn’t this a fun stage! I find it delightful to look at the picture of SB chomping on those spoons. Happy eating, sweet girl <3

  3. Adorable!! We’re going to be attempting BLW ourselves!

    Also, you might look into the facebook groups Human Milk 4 Human Babies or Eats on Feets. They are peer sharing sites for breastmilk, meaning no silly rules about living in Europe to disqualify you. Plus you can know the baby you are donating for!

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