4 months

SB turned four months last week. It’s simultaneously a very short and a very long time, and it is amazing to see how much she changes every week, sometimes every day. She smiles and laughs, to the delight of not just her parents, but everyone who gets to meet her. She rolls onto her side and explores how the world looks from that perspective. Today she kind of rolled over, although I helped a little with the last step. She even enjoys tummy time now, at least for a while. And her muscles to keep her head and feet up at the same time are clearly much more in shape than mommy’s.

She’s nursing on-demand when we are together and will happily take a bottle from H or the nanny. I can’t quite pump enough to keep up with her if I just pump during working hours (in part perhaps because I only pump every 3-4h while she tends to eat every 2h – if I pumped that frequently I wouldn’t get anything done though…) She seems to compensate for unfamiliar environments by drinking more, which doesn’t help this particular matter. She had more than doubled her birth weight by her 4-months appointment though. Look at those thighs – especially in contrast to what a skinny baby she was! She’s in the same weight percentile (37th) as before, so this is all normal growth. Recently she’s become very distractable when nursing during the day, so she is extra-hungry at night. Probably also normal. Fortunately I can function on relatively little sleep – and I just fall asleep when nursing her in bed in the evenings.

For a while it was possible to put SB in bed awake and she’d go to sleep. No more so – I kind of worry that we are responsible for screwing this up, as we want to play with her in the evening (since we’re both at work during the day). When we’re actually trying to put her down she’s too tired (and hungry, see above). So realistically she’s being nursed to sleep for now, despite all recommendations to do otherwise. It’s something we probably should work on, but for now don’t have the energy to do so. My husband’s main complaint is that I fall asleep nursing her, so he’s missing out on late night hours with me. But hey, I need to get in some sleep at some point, too.

Daytime sleep has never really been her thing – she takes short naps after nursing and when being out in the wrap or sometimes in the stroller. The nanny gets her to sleep somehow (maybe SB is tired enough and not getting the post-nursing naps?). Her pediatrician said that as long as she’s sleeping well at night (she is) it’s all good. Instead of sleeping she’s cooing and talking and laughing and standing up with surprisingly little support. A friend who’s baby slept very little is convinced that this gives them more time to become clever, so we’ll go with that ;)



8 thoughts on “4 months

  1. She sure is a little cutie! As far as nursing her to sleep, I say do whatever works for you! We always gave bottles before naps and bedtimes, so pretty much the same thing. Obviously you’ll want her to go to sleep on her own eventually, but for now she’s a happy little thing and you’ve got a system that’s working, so why rock the boat?

  2. Great updates! I think do whatever it takes to get her to sleep, because it might not work tomorrow anyway and so best to enjoy the moment! I always nurse AJ before she goes to bed because I want her tummy full so she sleeps several hours. Makes perfect sense to me. It also sounds like things have worked out well with the nanny which is wonderful.

  3. So cute!! My ped said that as long as her nighttime sleep is doing fine, don’t worry about her naps. Izzy now takes one solid two hour (generally) nap and sleeps a little less than 12 hours a night. :-)

    Oh and I would always nurse Izzy to sleep. It didn’t seem to be a problem.

  4. FOUR MONTHS!! How is that possible already!? I’m so glad that she’s thriving and happy. :)

    I love the idea that nonsleepers have more time to be clever. Must have been the case with mine too! ;)

  5. She is adorable!! I haven’t checked I in a while, so a very belated congratulations, if I haven’t offered one before. Also, email me if you want to talk parenting and academia. ‘All your free time’ seems a bit psycho!

  6. More time to become clever – I like that and I’ll have to keep that in mind on sleepless nights! She is so cute. It is so nuts how fast they grow. You’re doing such a great job with her updates and I bet that one day, she will read these and be so grateful that her mommy took the time to document everything!

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