#MicroblogMondays: neighborhood walks

A new bakery opened up recently not too far from here, and conveniently just two blocks south of Frowny Girl’s place. Their pastries are incredible, as if straight out of France. Sometimes on the weekends SB and I get up early and take a nice long walk, picking up croissants and enjoying the quiet early morning scenery while H gets to sleep in.

Without SB I doubt I would actually get out of bed this early, even though once outside I really enjoy it. And one might even claim the extra steps (plus carrying her in the wrap) could help me lose the last few kilos of this pregnancy, and then those of the twin pregnancy – if it wasn’t for the pastries…


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10 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: neighborhood walks

  1. That picture is making me so hungry and envious of your ability to walk to such a bakery. I can almost smell the sweet yeasty goodness! (This is where it’s good I’m celiac and can’t have that unless someone makes it GF, or I would pile on the pounds like nobody’s business). I hope the extra steps do what you’d like them to!

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