Almost wordless Wednesday: Finding Nemo


What the picture doesn’t show is that there is another girl next to SB. Our nanny share partner baby, Frowny Girl (she really does frown a lot, it’s kind of cute). H and I were taking care of them while bridging the nanny situation. And of course we both thought how this seemed like how things could have been… Each of us holding one baby. Seeing them interact (a tiny bit). Two little girls. Bittersweet.


6 thoughts on “Almost wordless Wednesday: Finding Nemo

  1. All that joy, and then grief comes for a visit. Just like when you were in the midst of such intense grief, you still had moments of joy . The ying and the yang, I suppose.
    She is growing so much, your baby girl.

  2. She is so adorable!! When I lost Jude and Brinly, a few months later I made the mistake of babysitting boy girl twins along with my nephew. As we were feeding the 3 of them (all the same age) I thought of the triplets. It felts so weird. I hated it. I just got a Happy Birthday 1 year old from Babies R US for Jude and Brinly. It stung. I held the boys a little tighter that night.

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