#MicroblogMondays: 3 months

A short summary of my excuses for not writing: I went back to work and still haven’t managed to write a post about my complicated feelings on that matter. But, logistics before feelings: the first nanny we decided to make an offer to decided after a week of sleeping on it that it wasn’t the right job for her at this time. The second made excuses days 2-4 to finally tell us on day 5 that she had to take some time off because of health issues in her family. Currently on trials with candidates for #3 and hoping for a more stable situation soon.

On the upside, SB is turning 3 months and getting more adorable every day :)



11 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: 3 months

  1. happy 3 months SB! it’s a big milestone. I’m sure going back to work is very emotional; I hope you find a chance to blog about it if it would help work things out. Finding a nanny sounds really stressful, though I’m sure the right person when you find her will help your peace of mind a lot!

  2. She’s adorable! Ugh about going back to work. I don’t know how you (everyone in the US!) manage but I hope it’s going relatively smoothly. And, geeze! re: nanny. Why are people so flakey?!?!

  3. Oh goodness-I hope that you find the right nanny soon. Clearly neither #1 or #2 were poor choices, so it’s good they declined. Yes, indeed, SB is absolutely adorable!

  4. Already back at work! And all this nanny turmoil. I hope you are holding up ok, dear woman.
    That is one immensely cute baby you’ve got there. Look at her! She is gorgeous!

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