#MicroblogMondays: double digits

I remember so well reaching 10 weeks of being pregnant. It’s usually around this time that the first OB visit took place. Suddenly I was a normal pregnant woman, or at least as normal as it gets with a twin pregnancy, and then one after a second trimester loss.
While the first 10 weeks of pregnancy were exhausting (at least for me), the first 10 weeks of caring for a new baby are way more so. Sleep has actually gotten worse lately – I blame it on the trip and all those relatives that want to hold SB even when she’s asleep (and me not trying to be too much of a grinch, given that this may be our only visit for the year). Breastfeeding is going well and SB is growing steadily. She has outgrown her homecoming outfit; the thought almost made me cry. People keep commenting how tiny she is and I keep wanting to disagree – not only because she has almost doubled her weight since birth, but also because I remember how tiny A&C were.

We’re convinced she knows who mommy and daddy are and will say those words any day. She has become much more comfortable with being on the floor, easily through my home yoga practice or to breathe in some peppermint oil steam while we shower, to help her little stuffy nose. I hope she’ll still be happy in my arms for the long flight back.


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7 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: double digits

  1. Lately I’ve been wondering if I’ll just be tired for the rest of my life. This isn’t helping assuage that fear. But, on the plus side, SB is looking very adorable as usual.

  2. She gets cuter every time I see a picture! Glad to hear that breastfeeding is going well. I plan on doing it and it terrifies me but I’m sure giving it a shot!

  3. She is so adorable. The first few months are hard as you get on a schedule. It sounds like you are doing great though!

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