Do’s and don’ts of international travel

  • Do bring a wrap or carrier and hold/wear your baby almost all flight long. She’ll love it.
  • Don’t forget how cold it gets until you step out of the destination airport. Especially poor baby wardrobe is not made for this weather.
  • Do let her meet her new cousin (as the picture illustrates, I’m using the word meet loosely here). And borrow warm clothes said cousin has already outgrown.


  • Don’t forget important travel paperwork. Does not add to holiday cheer.
  • Do enjoy the trip regardless. Most things can actually be worked out somehow (I think my experience with things that really can’t be fixed has made me more relaxed about everything else).
  • Don’t forget the stroller rain cover. Especially if, for your last five visits, it rained cats and dogs.
  • Do bring (or borrow) an umbrella. Baby is happy in the wrap and protected from most elements.
  • Do enjoy everyone adoring your new precious baby!

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