Pertussis Vaccination in Every Pregnancy: Is it Safe and Effective?

Great article about how the flu and Tdap vaccinations during pregnancy protect your baby before she can be vaccinated herself.

SB just got her first DTap shot today (and the rest of the 2 months collection), making her more tired and crabby than normally, but for flu she still relies on protection through me (and herd immunity).

The Science of Mom

I’m now 37 weeks pregnant, and it blows my mind how quickly this pregnancy has flown by. Now the days are ticking by faster than I can tick things off of my to-do list, and I can feel my body warming up for birth with increasing Braxton Hicks contractions and the baby dropping into my pelvis.

Preparing for a new baby means lots of things to me. There is the physical preparation of washing and folding tiny clothes and setting up baby’s space for changing and sleeping (in our bedroom for now). There is the arduous task of coming up with names – two of them, since we don’t know the baby’s sex. There is the mental preparation of imagining life with a new baby, trying to map out a few strategies for coping with wakeful nights and baby-filled days. There are the talks with Cee about how things will…

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7 thoughts on “Pertussis Vaccination in Every Pregnancy: Is it Safe and Effective?

  1. Izzy had a tough time with the 2 mo shots (lots of Tylenol, sleeping, cuddling, etc) but has been a trooper with the rest of her shots so it gets better? :-)

  2. That’s interesting. I received the flu vaccine a few weeks before delivery, but this is the first I hear about pertussis vaccinations being recommended for mom. AJ gets here first scheduled vaccinations in January – till then will have to keep her away from sources of infection (without becoming a total hermit, of course!)

    1. I think the Tdap recommendation is fairly new here, too. And I’m planning to keep SB away from sources of infection as much as I can, vaccinated or not – there are so many bugs she could get that aren’t covered by vaccines, and I don’t want her to be miserable. But of course the concern for something as dangerous as pertussis is still a different story. Hoping you’ll both have happy and healthy holidays!

    1. My practice, too – they have this poster about a baby that caught pertussis from his mom just after birth and died. So awfully sad. I’m pretty sure all babylost parents are convinced instantly, and probably many others, too.

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