One snowsuit. Just in case.

Two countries issuing three passports.

Four girls born into our extended family this year.

Sometimes it’s hard to not think why not five. Acceptance is hard to come by. Yet, then we wouldn’t have SB, and we love her to pieces.

Six days until we leave.

Way more than seven items left on the famous to-do list.

Eight hours of nighttime sleep is very generous of SB. With multiple milk breaks, of course. She’s not into naps unless carried in the wrap, but nights are good. It does feel foolish to challenge this with a jet lag.

Nine hours of time shift.

Ten pounds at least, I’m guessing. The pediatrician will tell us tomorrow. Luckily my back is taking it mostly well so far.

Eleven years since our first date. It does sound like a long time.

Twelve hours on the plane. If anyone has suggestions for how many diapers to pack, or other essentials, please share.


16 thoughts on “Numbers

  1. At that age, there really isn’t any concept of jet lag — babies will sleep when they want to sleep. We first flew (a 7 hour time difference) when Gwen was 6 weeks old, and I was amazed at how easy it went. She adjusted better than I did.

    Pack about twice as many diapers as you think you’ll need in your carry on, and spare outfits for both you and SB. We failed on that latter, during that first flight, and Gwen spent about half of it wearing a diaper and an airplane blanket (thankfully it was not one of those icy cold flights!). And know that when you arrive with a very small baby, there will be more people willing/eager to help than there will be people who groan inwardly in unhappiness. Especially the stewardesses — they will be more than happy to do whatever you need, even if it’s something as stupid as “can you pick the bottle up off the floor, SB is sleeping and I can’t reach it”.

    Good luck!

  2. I was going to say spare outfit for YOU. Tatoe once horked all over my nice dress at synagogue… while Dr. S was off with Bug and the car somewhere else.

    Er…. snacks and a big water bottle for you? I remember the great hunger of nursing quite vividly. Lots of hand sanitizer if possible. Earplugs and a large supply of patience for the relatives who WILL wake up your baby and you WILL want to muuuuuurder them.

    1. I might have forgotten the extra outfit for me, except that we had a spectacular diaper blowout a day after I wrote this post… point taken. And yeah, food and water. I’ve been more hungry while nursing than in the first trimester with twins, and that is saying something. Or maybe it’s just “as hungry but not nauseous”. Either way, FOOD.

  3. A water bottle for yourself because you will want to nurse on both takeoff and touchdown (to help with SB’s ears). I also second snacks. Definitely bring double the amt of diapers you think you will need and extra clothes for you guys and SB. Izzy had an AWFUL blowout on her first plane trip (which was only two hours) and spent the rest of the flight in just a onesie because it was all we had on hand.

    Is SB going to have her own seat with a car seat? If not, you may want to bring a wrap or carrier so that you don’t have to hold her the entire flight.

    Good luck! We are flying to Spain in a few weeks with Izzy and I am debating on whether we are crazy or not!!

    1. No seat by herself, they were soo expensive… I’ll bring the wrap. She usually likes to sleep in it, including when riding buses, so I hope that’ll apply for planes, too.
      Good luck with your trip! I can’t comment on whether you’re crazy as I’m wondering the same for myself ;) but enjoy Spain! I loved the Christmas lights in Barcelona, it was such a great atmosphere.

  4. Diapers – Pack one diaper for every hour in transit. Door to door. It’s overkill BUT you won’t be left in a terrible situation where you are out of diapers. I’ve made two 11 hour round trips to Europe and a few others and this rule of thumb hasn’t let me down. Not all the diapers go in the diaper bag. We put most of what we think we won’t use in the carry on along with a change of clothes for mom and dad. We exclusively used disposable changing pads (think puppy chux pads) and tossed them after each use while in transit. Otherwise we reused a lot while at our location if our Mini didn’t pee on the pad while being changed. If using formula premeasure servings out and put in little containers. We used the Medela colstrum bottles. If bottle feeding have a small container filled with cleaning soap. In diaper bag prepack on Ziplock bag containing a diaper, wipe cloth, water (if using dry wipes), disposable changing pad and trash bag to put dirty diaper in. That way you have one set all ready to go when changing in airport/plane, etc. Have LOTS of ziplock bags of all sizes. We used them a ton whether to store used bottles, dirty clothes, toys, a clean pocket to put thing in those dirty airline seats. Dress baby in something very easy to take off for diaper changes. Carry on about two more outfits to change in. Toys, they don’t need much. Babies sleep through a lot of the flight. The 11 hour trips our baby slept for a majority of the time (was six and seven months). Baby also slept through the three hour flights at a younger age. We also had a seat on the plane for the baby so that may have made my life way easier too. Flying with babies is the easiest thing. Going through security is the biggest hassle but security is very helpful. If you like your stroller get a nice bag for it to gate check. We bought the travel security bag from Uppababy for our UP stroller but it works for many other brands. Not a single ding or scratch. Practice using said bag at home and don’t try and learn at the gate. Those are my tips from someone who has made multiple trips from LA to Amsterdam as well as domestically.

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