#MicroblogMondays: Mail


I love mail and buy more cute or funny or thoughtful postcards than I will realistically send out in the next decade whenever I can find them. However, it’s been a long time that I sent a congratulatory card on the arrival of a little one. It felt too painful when dealing with infertility, even more so after losing A&C. (I did send emails in an effort not to be a total grinch.)

And now we are on the receiving side! So grateful, with the occasional side of feeling bad for not making others that same pleasure. Maybe even for missing chances to buy adorable cards as the one above.

And it’s not just cards – we have received baby clothes, the quilt from two posts ago and now a stylish nursing scarf!

It is an odd contrast to last year, where I probably would have needed the care and support much more, but very welcome nonetheless.

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7 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: Mail

  1. yes, it does feel good to get all those congratulations and cards! I still have AJ’s out – haven’t been able to put them away. I guess I will when we decorate for Christmas. :-)

  2. We kept all of ours, too. Don’t look backwards: look forwards to doing this for someone else in the future (vs. the ones you didn’t get to in the past).

  3. I’m a total stationary horader as well! I can’t resist a lovely card…

    But you make such an interesting and valid point about how we need the thoughts and gestures and wishes all the more when things are awful. As much as it’s nice to share the celebrating (and it is – I was blown away by how much I enjoyed receiving all that stuff for Girl Wonder), it would be great if people could find the same emotional energy for the difficult stuff.

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