On demand

SB doesn’t have much of a schedule yet. Neither of her parents are crazy about schedules, so that’s not too surprising. But it makes it hard to plan, well, anything. I can’t predict when she’ll be hungry again, nor whether she really is hungry or just wants to suck for comfort. Some days I breastfeed her 20+ times – and some of those clearly are snacks rather than full meals. Apparently in some cultures babies nurse 100 times per day and still turn out fine, so I’m not worried about that. But I do wonder how this will develop when I have to go back to work. And when visiting a country where breastfeeding in public still seems to be frowned upon. Here I have nursed her in grocery stores, a restaurant, outside and on the shuttle bus – in the wrap or in my arms. Only one person gave us a strange look, nobody said anything – except for commenting on the cute baby and trying to ignore the huge boob in her mouth ;)



4 thoughts on “On demand

  1. no schedules here either – if people want to come visit us, I leave the back door unlocked and say “come on in – and what is happening when you arrive, is happening!” AJ has some “patterns” but they can alter from day to day. I haven’t done a huge amount of public BFing either but that’s mainly because I haven’t been out much. Only real outing was to Mr. Turtle’s concert and I did feed her there – no cover. Just don’t see the point of covers. If anybody found it weird they didn’t say anything to me (smart choice on their part lol) and lots of people came and talked to me like everything was completely normal, which it was! I suppose I do need to learn how to BF without my nursing pillow because it is bulky to lug around. Glad things are working for you and Strawberry.

  2. We never had a schedule for the first few months, but then the babies kind of came up with one all on their own. I think it’s great that you are able to nurse as needed. SB is absolutely adorable, and I’m 100% positive I’d say the same thing if I saw her with a boob in her mouth as well :)

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