Or maybe not just yet

After my blood pressure dropped below thresholds and stayed there, L&D decided to send me home. And from a rational standpoint I understand – 37w2d is still a bit early, as long as things look stable. And while I felt not taken seriously it wasn’t a easily made choice – multiple people came in multiple times to check some aspects. (Though it does bug me that they didn’t do any labs.)

Thanks for all your good wishes! We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I spent the evening crampy and backache-y, which I haven’t been before at all. But who knows if that really means anything.


7 thoughts on “Or maybe not just yet

  1. Oh, false alarm. I’m sure you’d rather keep Strawberry Baby in for as long as possible, but I was excited for you to meet her. Hang in there, and keep the doctors in line and make sure they’re taking the best care of you and Strawberry Baby possible.

  2. Pre-e is nothing to mess around with, so be sure if you have ANY symptoms or concerns at home, Go in!!! In the meantime, I’m sure you will be more comfortable at home and it just gives SB a chance to stay nice and cuddly and warm on the inside while she grows a bit more. What a mixed bag of emotions though, being excited and nervous to meet her and the …. Not. Hang in there!! You can do this!

  3. Oh wow! I’m so sorry you left the hospital not feeling heard or entirely trusting their recommendation. I feel like you deserve not only the consideration any other woman would get, but a bit extra, given what you’ve been through. Like you should get to feel secure before walking out the doors. That said, I’m glad SB gets too cook longer.

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