#MicroblogMondays: look who’s waiting, too


A&C’s birthday is coming up in less than a week. Strawberry’s birth is coming up in a couple of weeks, hopefully. I can hardly wrap my head around either.


4 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: look who’s waiting, too

  1. I remember being so scared for Oscar’s and Bella’s first birthday. I was already on bedrest with Gus and just wanted him to be born after their birthday and not in the same month (O+B were at the end of July). The birthdays are so hard, and even more bittersweet when pregnant with a rainbow at the same time.

    1. The fear, it doesn’t really go away in these rainbow pregnancies. Especially around anything that could be considered a milestone or important date. And while I’m sure the pregnancy adds a bittersweet twist, but I’d much rather have that than no rainbow in sight a year later…

  2. Hello, little guys! Nice to see you again. And so glad that SB will get to share toys with her sisters. I’m sorry joy and sorrow are colliding in such an intense way.

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