#MicroblogMondays: rearranging

We had this awesome plan of hacking a Swedish crib into a co-sleeper and placing it next to my side of the bed – but it wasn’t until we had assembled said crib and taken measurements that we realized the room is literally 2cm too narrow for our plans. Briefly thought about switching our and Strawberry’s room, but that would have been a lot more work than what I feel up to… and fortunately by rotating the beds we have just about enough space. It sure feels like Strawberry Baby is rearranging her quarters, too.

A crib makes the anticipation of bringing home a baby soon even more real than the car seat or stroller. It’s also scary – the fear of the unimaginable pain of coming home to an empty crib is hard to ban completely. At some point, A&C’s blanket and hats were in the crib, underlining just how tiny our beloved twins had been.


Bonus picture: The crib mattress cover has stars! Which weren’t in the online description, but are always welcome.

Part of Mel’s MicroblogMonday movement.

10 thoughts on “#MicroblogMondays: rearranging

  1. When we got our cribs set up in the nursery, I couldn’t stop going in to look at them! It was an amazing site and I couldn’t believe that it belonged in our house. With that said, I can’t imagine the pain of them staying empty either, but I continue to hope and pray that you will soon have your Strawberry Baby filling that crib. I love the thought of A&C welcoming their little sister home!

  2. Coming up on your girls’ first birthdays and your girl’s birth birthday…it must be so hard and wonderful all at once. I believe those stars will keep E safe now and later.

    1. Thanks Bunny! Those two events could be so close now… I haven’t quite figured out what to write about it (actually I haven’t quite figured out how I feel about it). Hard and wonderful at once is a good summary.

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