firsts, seconds, and thirds

Between our holiday trip and my brother visiting for a few weeks (and still being exhausted, although less than in the first trimester), I haven’t had much time for blogging. I’ve tried to sort of keep up with reading, but that’s the extent of it. So, if you haven’t seen any comments from me, or are waiting for an email answer – it’s not you, it’s me. Really.

  • I broke my own record and went to L&D at 15w5d, and then again at 17w1d. Sigh. Fortunately both were clear cases of “better safe than sorry”, with symptoms that are probably normal, but given my history nobody wants to fully reassure me on the phone and they rather have me come in (my OB office is across the street from L&D, and basically there are no urgent office visits – if something needs checking out, you go straight to L&D). But I’ve also noticed another change – last year, I didn’t want to be the infertile who freaked out about every twinge. Now I don’t care if they think I’m hypersensitive (although everyone so far has been very understanding) – I simply want to do everything I can to make sure Strawberry Baby comes home with us.
  • I bought a baby carrier. We got a good deal and have a full year to return it, in case, you know, Strawberry Baby decides she doesn’t like it, but it still seems odd. Now it’s sitting in our living room as if that was the most normal thing. And one of the most adorable sights of the last weeks was when my (skeptical) husband put it on and smiled.
  • I had my second cervical length scan. It was down to 3.6cm, which I found a bit worrisome, but the doctors reassure me it is completely within the normal range and has more to do with the bladder being more or less full, etc. So I try not to worry (ha!). As this ultrasound was at 16 weeks and change, the tech asked if we wanted to know the gender. It looks like we’re having another girl! I’d be delighted about either, the only thing I want is to bring this baby home alive and healthy. I think knowing the gender makes it much easier for me to relate to the baby though. And there was something magical about being told it’s another girl, after having two for the shortest time.
  • My insurance authorized the progesterone injections that should help in preventing preterm labor and pPROM. Yay! Then my nurse and I spent about 2 weeks talking to what should have been the in-network specialty pharmacy, and finding out it isn’t this one after all… but now it looks like the progesterone is about to be delivered.
  • I found these haptic quilt patterns and first thought of getting one with the city we live in. While I’m too lazy to patch each block in a different color, a tie-dye fabric might have worked nicely… and it looks like a couch-suitable project (I wouldn’t be surprised if there is couch-time in my future) and Strawberry Girl could explore it with her hands and eyes. But then I saw they have a pattern with the northern star constellations… and I was sold. A and C can be in their own special colors!

9 thoughts on “firsts, seconds, and thirds

  1. Oh, another sweet girl. I am glad that finding out the gender gives you a stronger connection to Strawberry Baby. Always go to your doctor for your concerns–big or small. You deserve all the peace of mind that you need. I still think you’re so strong and keeping a positive attitude all things considered. And I’m so very glad that each time you go to L&D, nothing is wrong. Looking forward to seeing the quilt as it develops.

  2. I’m so glad things are continuing to go well for you and Strawberry Baby. Who I’ve always pictured as a girl, perhaps because of the name Strawberry Baby. :) I see her all in pink, like a little Strawberry Shortcake doll!

  3. Another girl- congratulations!! I would say that you are allowed as many ultrasounds as you need/want for your sanity!! Don’t feel bad.

  4. So happy that things are going well, despite the trips to L&D and the issues with the pharmacy. Congrats on another daughter! And how awesome about the quilt!! I’m definitely not a quilter, but know that this will likely be a prized possession in your home once it’s done.

  5. Go to L&D every day if it makes you feel less stressed, that’s what I say. Though so very glad everything was okay then and at your check.

    GIRL! A GIRL! I’m thrilled, too. Either way it’s wonderful, but there’s something about the three sisters angle that really gets me.

    Those quilts are brilliant! I hope you escape couch posts, but if not, I hope you post some in-progress photos.

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